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Disability Narratives

Dr Catherine Walter, Chair of the Oxford University Disability Advisory Group, encourages decision-makers and colleagues to act on the experiences of these narratives.

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Hello. I'm Catherine Walter and I'm the chair of the University's Disability Advisory Group.

One of the main aims of this group is to enable the voices of people with disabilities and long-term medical conditions to be heard by those who develop policies and make big decisions at Oxford. The Disability Narratives Project is one way of doing this.

In this series of interviews, Oxford people talk about what their issues are and about what support has been effective for them in their work. We hope that decision makers will listen to these colleagues and will take their narratives to heart. But decision makers are not the main audience we hope to engage.

It can be lonely to be a person with a disability or a long-term health condition and it is not always obvious where to find support; it's easy to think that your situation is unique. We hope our colleagues with disabilities, whether or not they have already disclosed their situation to the University, will find in these interviews ideas about how other people have tackled issues similar to their own, and we hope that the interviews will encourage people to tell the University about their disabilities or health conditions rather than struggling on alone.

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