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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Jo has worked with several managers and has advice for people managing a disabled person for the first time.

I would think if you are given a new employee who has probably been there longer than you, and just happens to have a different ability to you, it's not a problem. Because that employee will know how to manage themselves. You don't have to worry about sorting it out. But if they say something like "I'm deaf, please can you speak up?" - that's how they manage it. You know, it's not - it's not your call to say that's wrong. That is how they manage, so they can do the work, you know. You don't get to have a say on that, you - you just have to accept it and say "Okay, that's how they work round this thing so they can do their job, so I will accept it, and I will just let them do that. And I'll also defend their right to do that, to other people who might have an issue with it."