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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Maria describes the ways that her colleagues can be supportive – and that she does not want their pity.

What I can say to them is please try to do the same as my bosses did here, and be sort of cheerful. Do not feel sorry for the person, because that's the worst thing that they can do. Just be positive. And talk to the person about the disability, and ask them if there is anything that they can do. I'm not talking about giving them money or anything like that, no. But anything that they can do to improve or to help with the disability. Even as simple as opening a door can make such a huge difference. It's amazing. Or if I don't want anything in writing, just to send it by email. Because they remember that I've got a disability. That's amazing as well. Or say when I'm walking in the street and they see me, they always "Oh hello, Maria, and such and such." So please, just be positive, and talk to them, and be happy for them.