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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Mary found it liberating when her manager took the approach to help her excel at the work she could do, rather than focus on what was difficult for her.

Image representing Mary© Disability NarrativesI think when - to reiterate, the head of department saying to me, "What do you need? What can we do for you, to make sure you're as productive and as happy at work as possible?" That, that was terrific. That was really terrific. That felt liberating, actually. Because it did seem to be not just "What can we do to help you manage?" It was "Where do you want to be? You know, what do you want to be doing?" And someone were saying "No, no - you know - you've done twenty years of examining, and you can do it again. This is about what other bits of the job you should be doing." It was wonderful. That was terrific.