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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Susannah explains that it can take time to work out what is needed and it helps if managers show their human side.

But I think just in terms of - in terms of managing, just being aware that it takes time. And that I think being aware that, that the person that's dealing with it doesn't necessarily have all the answers either. That they're probably kind of feeling their way through this too. And that, you know that, that you don't have to be perfect - you don't have to find the perfect way to deal with it, you just have to kind of be good enough [laugh]. And be human enough.

Because there's often not a perfect way to deal with a - you know - There's often not a perfect answer to any of it. And you know, if you just show that you, you understand the situation, and that you're doing your best, even if maybe you - you know - put your foot in it every now and then, and screw up every now and then - if you show that you're, that you're being understanding and that you're trying to help, I think that - that'll probably count for a lot more than showing that you know every policy back to front, and that you're, you’re ticking every box. Because I think a lot of times you probably want a human more than a box-ticker [laugh].