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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Gabrielle explains that she tries to maintain a normal life, knowing her multiple sclerosis and endometriosis can always disrupt her plans.

[Laugh] It's the first one, is advice to people who have recently been diagnosed, is just try as much as possible to keep things normal. Because it's, it’s going to be quite scary [laugh]., but if you can try and keep the rest of your life as much as possible sort of - keep to your plans as much as you can do. Do what you want to do, as much as you can. That will help, help with some stability. But also an awareness that you're going to have to be flexible, because stuff's going to come up. In both my conditions I thought I was probably good to go for another couple of years, and I wouldn't need another round of surgery, and I - I'm going to have to have two procedures in one year. And that is very disruptive [laugh]. It's about three, three months of recovery after each one. So, trying to balance being flexible along with trying to stick to your normal stuff, I think is the best advice I can give people.