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Disability Narratives

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Audio clip: Despite all the demands from academic life, Maeve is clear about putting her health first to manage her epilepsy.

I still like am still figuring it out. I guess the only thing I would say is, - you know - there's so much pressure to work all the time, and as a junior academic to just constantly publish, and to go to all the conferences, and to be as visible as possible. And I would say, you know, if you can't do it, just don't. You know, your health comes first, and make that your priority. So that's what I do with, you know, not working nights, not working weekends. I know I'm being less productive than some of my peers. And I know sometimes I don't show up at a seminar because maybe I haven't had enough sleep, or I'm really fatigued or something, and that might be seen as kind of poor form. Because there's a bit of a culture I would say in the department of like being a good citizen, so going to everything, and reading everyone else's papers and giving feedback and stuff. And sometimes you just can't do that. So you know, do what's right for you. And try not to feel that pressure too much.