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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Charlotte explains how she declared her condition before starting her new role.

Image representing Charlotte© Disability Narratives

I can't remember now if it was when they offered [the job] to me, or [when] they said they were down to two of us, I then asked to meet with the panel again, because I wanted to tell them, "You need to know I've been off sick for nine months" [laughing]. You know, "I didn't want to say this at the actual interview, because I didn't know how that would affect a decision. But now that you've narrowed me down [laugh], shortlisted me very seriously, I just need to tell you. And it would also mean that I would kind of need to be phased into the job if I was offered it, because I can't just jump back in full time." And they had indicated anyway that they were reasonably open and quite flexible on hours and things. So, and they were great. [Name] who was head of admin in the department, was - I mean a, from beginning to end, my whole experience with her with the way she managed everything was fantastic.