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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Gabrielle explains that she had little choice but to tell her prospective and new employers about her conditions.

But I felt like it'd be a bit mean of me to say "Oh by the way, endometriosis, I'm going to have to have surgery." And then you know, three months later say "By the way, I also have MS." So both, for the last sort of few employers I've just said "I should probably just get this all out of the way? I'm going to have to be out for surgery at some point in the near future, and you should also know that I have MS. So we should just, if we can just talk about this, both of these, now - it's probably for the best." But it's never how I wanted to deal with it, I've always wanted to get in place, sort of show what my work ethic is first, and then say "By the way, this may or may not be a problem. It's unlikely to really be a problem, but." Yeah. But having my hand forced so often has been unfortunate [laughing]. But it's happened with the last three employers, that sort of within a few weeks - or even before I've started work - you know, just saying this is what's going on.