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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Jo explains that while she is comfortable to talk about her disability needs, she does not want to discuss private or medical matters.

Yeah. So I suppose the social model - so. So the world makes me disabled, as opposed to my condition making me disabled. It's sort of saying to someone "Okay, I need a wheelchair because I can't walk. I need a riser on my chair because I'm small, and can't reach things. I need hearing aids because I can't hear." And these sound all completely obvious to me. But perhaps for someone that's never faced anyone with a disability before, it might be a sort of revelation [laugh]. But I find that's the easiest way to explain my needs. It's like "Okay, I have this to help me because of this." And maybe that's - but that's sort of - I'm happy to talk about it in that sort of extent. What I'm [sigh] - 'comfortable' is not the right word. But I wouldn't want to go into a medical conversation with someone who I know only through work, for example, unless they happened to have the same condition as me. Unlikely. Or some kind of similarity on there. Yeah [laughing].