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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: John hopes that providing potential employers with an explanation of his condition helps them understand what it is, as well as explain the gaps in employment that were due to his illness.

Image representing John© Disability Narratives

I just kind of feel that, you know. Kind of how I feel about for, for my condition, is that I - I really don't want or need anyone's sympathy. Or anyone's kind of, kind of like, the, you know, condolences or anything like that, or. The only thing that I would like from people [laugh] is just some understanding. So basically, I feel that as long as I can contribute - you know make - help make that understanding occur That that's really - then I'm completely happy with it, so. For, for me really, that that's kind of essential for me, that I - And I think to be honest, going forward, I would always want to do that.

That I would always want to be very open and upfront in applications, that I do have this - and you know. That's it. You know? [Laugh]. It's, you know. It shouldn't affect me in terms of what I can actually do, when I do the things within the job. And, you know, it's up for you to - you know - deal with that information, and kind of - I suppose there is a level of trust there, that you are trusting that they are going to, you know, not immediately kind of dismiss you because they think it's going to be too much trouble, or something like this. But I suppose I have trust enough in kind of academic institutions that I'm willing to do that. I'd rather be open, than not.

And I also think it's very important to know that, to understand my academic record, as well. Because my academic record has big holes in it, where I've had to convalesce, basically. And even when I have been working, I haven't been able to work full-time. And that necessarily reflects on my record as an academic, in terms of the number of publications and the amount of other things like teaching, admin and so forth I can do. So I would far rather just have that as 'this is the context that I live in, I work in, that perhaps this is how you should interpret my academic record, in terms of this context'. And that for me is, is very important.