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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Although Stella was able to tell her manager a bit about how she was feeling, she was not able to say to what extent.

Image representing Stella© Disability Narratives

My immediate line manager, I only really let her know that I was struggling - So through all this, I think everyone that I've met knew that I wasn't - I was finding it hard. And a lot of people that I met seemed to be sharing similar situations, either having - having to have left someone, or their accommodation situation was a nightmare, you know, that they weren't settling into Oxford. You know, there were people that had similar experiences, that I was able to talk to. So I think a lot of - a lot of people, and my manager, probably knew that - you know - I wasn't very happy. But probably not the extent of it. Which doesn't surprise me, because I wasn't really acknowledging it either. So, so I think I was also quite good at making a joke out of things.