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Disability Narratives

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Audio clip: Devon found her need to work from home was easily accommodated within the research team she worked in.

Yeah, a lot of that I can do at home. So a lot of the software is available on my work laptop. Which I, I have at home. And there's, there’s a certain amount of access, I can get to the servers and so I can continue doing that. Even when I'm technically sick [laughing].

Again, you know, how often - I mean, office - We have a lot of people in a small office [laugh]. So there's, there's a lot of in and out, and things are very busy. So it is often easier, especially if I - when I was in recovery, and just needed to sit in a certain position, or needed to, to have - you know - regular ice, and these sort of things, to just do my work at home was often much easier to manage.

It is ad hoc. It is, and it's kind of - as long as you're making progress, and as long as you're getting results, then how you get that done is, is pretty flexible. And I think she's that way about a lot of the people working there. So those who prefer to be in at ridiculous hours of the morning [laugh], and those who prefer to stay at night, that's never really been an issue.