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Disability Narratives

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The changes to Frances role left her feeling humiliated and untrusted, as well as leaving her uncertain about what her position was.

Image representing Frances© Disability Narratives

I can see totally where they're coming from. But on the other hand, I think they know that I'm not accurate with figures. So I think that they could have checked [the document], because it's fairly reasonably obvious. I mean, to be fair to them, they did agree that they should have checked it. But I don't see why they need to take the whole thing off me, they could just check and be more rigorous with the checking. And that's sort of quite humiliating, because you sort of think 'oh gosh, they don't trust me to do this', and it also [means] I end up having to fill up the time with other people's filing and stuff, because there's nothing left to do [laughs].

Well I think the [manager’s] hearts are by and large really in the right place. You know, and I feel really horrible - it sounds like I'm sort of kicking them in the teeth and they've really tried. But nobody's actually said 'dyspraxia causes inaccuracy'. And so, you know the main thing is - they keep harping on about the inaccuracy, but they don't seem to actually say whether it's actually just a performance issue, or a disability issue, really like I say, I've always made mistakes. And how much of that is dyspraxia, or how much of it is lack of concentration, and whether that's - I mean, I've had depression as well. So whether that's because I'm thinking of OCD thoughts, or whether because I'm just depressed, or - I don't know. And it's just immensely frustrating. I just sort of feel I'm so bored. And actually I'd probably work better if I wasn't so bored, but I think it's just accepting that people think in different; that not everyone thinks and does exactly the same thing in exactly the same way.