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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Frances' initial flexible working request to accommodate therapy was refused by the department.

Image representing Frances© Disability Narratives

Well, I got told that I couldn't have the hour off because people at grade five or below weren't allowed to work at home. And then I got a letter from my GP saying "Please help Frances [and] try to accommodate it. Frances benefits from this therapy." Something to that effect. And nothing came of that. And I got quite irate. [Frances explains she managed to attend the therapy by starting work early and staying late to make up the time]. And that way I could do all my hours in the office. But I was told that you weren't allowed to work from seven, if you were grade five or below. Although people in my office above grade five who did come in at seven. The line manager of my line manager was later really, really helpful to me. But [laugh] I do remember her saying "Well Frances, if I wanted to go to the races, I wouldn't take time off to go to the races." And I said "But I'm not asking for time off, I'm just asking to work at home instead." But that didn't wash, so…