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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Gabrielle explains that knowing what is a good work-life balance is not always obvious or easy.

It's really hard to say. And I think maybe the only thing I can really think of is that I - because of the health problems, really wanted to get my, MA in library and information studies done in one year. Because I would have funding to do it for a year, it would have been much more difficult to manage it financially over the course of two years, which is what a lot of people do, is they work part-time and do it one day a week. But, sort of wanting to just get it over with, for the sake of my health. Worked half time, and then went to school full time. It's trying to find that balance - is that going to make me worse, by putting myself under that sort of stress, or is it nice to just get the stress done in one year and not stretch it over two years? And have the funding to do it one year did make things easier, I think that's really the only financial implication. Be curious to see how things shuffle out down the line. Because I don't know how I'd manage on four days a week of income.

And it's trying to find that balance between - you know - what's going to keep me healthier longer, and in work longer. But what's actually doable in terms of finance. And then you're being paid to do a certain amount of hours of work per week, and I think there's some sense of possibly offering people with chronic health conditions extra time off. Especially people who deal with fatigue, even if it's an afternoon off a month, to just be able to have just a little bit more time. But I know you're being paid for a certain amount of time at work. And so finding the right level is I think going to be a challenge for me in the future.