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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Jo explains the process of taking leave for hospital appointments and how she doesn’t always get to choose what time of day they are.

I suppose I have a few more hospital appointments than the average person [laugh]. But yeah, we have a system here - so you just - when you put in the leave request, you put it as a medical thing. And I understand that, you know, they can't argue with that. But no one has ever argued [laughing]. So I don't know if they're just people who don't argue with medical appointments, or if they [laughing] know what they're supposed to be doing. So, yeah. But that's sort of the extent of my knowledge, is having to take a day.

And most of my doctors are pretty good at - so for GP, I always ask for beginning or end of day. When it's hospital appointments, you don't get to be quite as choosy with them. But again, I think as a manager of someone who's having more hospital appointments, you have to be understanding of that, because sometimes you don't get to choose. I know my orthopaedic specialist at the Nuffield, he's pretty good at asking for end or beginning of day appointments. But sometimes you just don't get that choice, so. But yeah, as long as my employer's happy to let me go when I need to go [laugh], that's fine.