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Disability Narratives

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John has found that creating opportunities to have regular rests during the day helped him work a longer day.

Image representing John© Disability Narratives

That they asked me essentially what they could do to help me, you know, adapt to it. And the thing that I did ask for, and was able to get, thankfully, was - essentially it's very important to me to be able to have rest periods during the day. Because that means I can break up my periods of work with periods of rest. And that is a lot more sustainable for me in the long run. And I can actually do more work in the long run as well, because you know, that's - I can keep my condition better than otherwise would be. So, what they're able to do for me is give me an office or a teaching room, which I could always - I could also use as an office. And they put a reclining armchair in there. And basically - So it's just a private space in college that I can rest whenever I need to. And that is extremely useful. And I think I would be - life would be a lot harder for me if I didn't have that, certainly.