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Disability Narratives

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Although there is a degree of flexibility to John’s role as tutor and researcher, he has to tutor when the students are free.

Image representing John© Disability Narratives

And also in terms of the actual position itself, - The position is part-time, so in that way I it - It's kind of a reasonable fit for what I can do. And it has a certain amount of flexibility. Obviously my teaching times can't be hugely flexible, in the sense that you need to - you know - tutor at times that students are free. And arrange that - you know - beforehand, you know, say a week - at least a week or so beforehand. And so there's certain things which can't be flexible, but the rest in terms of kind of preparation can be done flexibly. And that is – When, when I can work flexibly, basically, that's a huge help to get - you know - the most out of me, basically.