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Disability Narratives

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Jo Z explains how her ad hoc working at home arrangements help her avoid taking leave.

Image representing Jo Z© Disability Narratives

I literally phone up in the morning and say ‘Oh, I need to work from home today.’ Providing there's nothing that I need to be in the office for, I can get everything through email or remote access. So that works really well. I might have been a bit creaky the evening before, and I've said I'll see how I am tomorrow. Sometimes - I think the last time I did that, I literally got out of bed, gone to put my slippers on, and “Argh! I can't move” [laughs]. But once I've managed to manoeuvre myself to my extremely comfortable armchair and I've got my laptop, and I can log into my desktop, then I'm away and I can do a day's work more or less as if I was [in the office]. So I just call my boss and say I can't get in today.