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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Lyn explains that her dyslexia is just one factor that she considers when evaluating how much time to spend on a piece of work.

I just want to look at some of the ways dyslexia might affect work life balance. You mentioned working longer hours, to cope. Do you still need to do that? Is that still?

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes, I do. And I don't think that that's - That's my choice. But that's a, a decision I make because I want to be as good at my job as everybody else would be in the same role as me. So that - I haven't got an answer for it. But I know that I do take longer. I'm trying to quantify that. Because how much of that is a perception, and how much of that is reality? So I look at how long I've edited a document, and I think 'is that reasonable, compared to other people?' And then I - I struggle with even that, because I think comparison are odious, said - blimey what his name was? Oscar Wilde. And, and I think that's right. Do you compare yourself with the rest of the population - your co-workers, your colleagues? Or do you say 'x amount of hours on that document is reasonable for me?' And when do you say 'well, that's costing the company time - I have an obligation to be the best I can be?'

And so I can accept assistive technology and all that as being reasonable adjustments, but I'm not very good at making my own reasonable adjustments. What is good? What is okay? And when do you say 'that's taken me a whole day to write'. It might be something complicated, let's say. When do you say 'that's not reasonable, actually?' So, I don't - I don't have a real answer for that question, as to how I keep a work life balance. I just - yeah. I don't have an absolute answer. Nor am I particularly stressed all the time, either. But I know there are times when I query myself, as to what's reasonable, and whether I'll make the grade. I don't mean the written essay grade, that is also an issue when you're studying. But will this be good enough for whichever audience it is?