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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Richard finds having very regular work patterns aids his management of his diabetes.

The diabetes has made me prefer very regular work patterns. And whether that is something innate in my pre-diabetic temperament, or as a result of the diabetes, I - who can tell? But I do, I tend to work - I get into the office at 7:30, and I leave at 6:30. And it's - you know - Those sort of regular hours suit me.

I cannot do all-nighters, to prepare something at short notice. I always try to meet deadlines before the deadline, because I know that I cannot rely on my health standing up if I'm put under intense pressure for a last minute rush. Which I know academics are meant to be above such things as deadlines, but I'm a great believer in them, and forward-planning is something that is integral to my health in that sense.