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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Roberta was unable to work from home because she did not have a suitable work station setup.

Image representing Roberta© Disability Narratives

And the other thing is that when you're working here, you're allowed work from home days. So a lot of people in the department, one day a week they'll work from home. I can't. Because I would need my home set-up, and it's been said, "Well no, we've paid money to set you up at work, we're not paying money to set you up at home as well." So I've, I think it's unfair I don't have that option. I think that should be addressed as. I think you should have the same opportunities as everyone else. And if I need a work station set up for my work, and it's departmental policy that people are allowed to work at home, why can't I be set up to work at home? But it's compulsory that - this was in [home country] - to register for work, they can only register to work from home if they have an occupational health check on their home environment. And it's compulsory. So the university actually sends an occupational health nurse out there, to set the station up. Because they don't want musculoskeletal claims down the line, because someone's working at home, crunched on a laptop for eight hours. So, why aren't I allowed that, just because I've got a disability registration? That's not fair.

Because I would love to work from home one day. You've seen our offices, it's very big, it's extremely over-heated, there's no air conditioning. And productivity is quite low, among a lot of people who don't work well in this environment. So that's why a lot of people like the work from home option, because they can - for one day - get their head down and crunch it out.