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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Not having flexible working arrangements meant Roberta’s weekends became recovery days; sometimes she has to take sick-leave during the week to manage.

Image representing Roberta© Disability Narratives

Well what's happened is it's impacting my weekends now. Because come Thursday, I'm so sore, my head's so [sore], my eyes are so sore, that Friday is exhausting, and then the weekends are starting to be recovery. So, I'm losing my off time, because work's actually hurting so much, I need to recover from it before I start on Monday again. It's really affecting work. And that's why I've actually stepped back and gone “you know what, I'm taking a sick day, because [laughing] this isn't, this is not okay”. Pain makes me tired. So that's one of the side effects for me, is that the more pain I'm in, the more fatigue I feel. Because like you're having to fight it, to keep going. And so by the end of the week, it's like “oh god, I'm exhausted from [laughs] keeping going for five days”. And so on the weekends it's just like bleurgh.