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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Verity explains how the importance of work during her depression and how she tried not to take sick leave.

I was very unwell for a period for a period two and a half years. I have recurrent depression, so that's something that's been a problem for almost all of my adult life, and I've had periods of wellness. Varying degrees. But since about autumn 2013 I was very unwell for two years. Unwell to the extent that I was being seen in secondary services and on a very long waiting list for talking therapy. So yeah, I was really quite poorly. But I was managing to get to work and do my work, because that's quite distracting. And it gives you a purpose and a routine, and a reason to keep on going. But I was really struggling with working full time, because maintaining that kind of professional veneer, and putting all of your energy into work just really saps everything else.

Yeah, I think the typical depression stereotype is that you can't get out of bed. And you can't do anything. So you end up having long periods of sickness absence. I've never had more than two, two days at a time of sickness absence.