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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Devon explains how some days she only has so much energy in reserve to manage the pain and that she must balance pain medication needs with being able to function.

Image representing Devon© Disability NarrativesThere's a lot of that. That and not being there when people started working in the lab, or so forth, or just you know the spoon analogy sometimes I've just - I've run out of spoons and I've got to go home. You only have so many spoons during the day that you can spend with - of energy, of pain-free time, of whatever. So sometimes if you run out, that's - that's it. Like you're, you're done.

Before this past year, it was just - It was really brutal, [laugh] in terms of pain management. As in, I can't take any of the hard core meds, or I'm not functional, I can't do my work. So there's, there's a kind of balance of how much pain can you tolerate whilst still being functional? And it's a hard balance. The pain is, is much, much better now. Much improved. But it's still there. And it's - I don't think it's ever going to completely go away, but it's much more manageable now. And you know, I don't have to worry about, yeah, running out of spoons in the middle of things [laughing].