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Disability Narratives

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Audio clip: Maeve has made to make several lifestyle changes to help manage her condition.

Like making sure you get enough sleep. Not drinking too much. So, going to like social events in college or with colleagues, and not drinking. And people are like "Oh, why are you not drinking?" And it's like "Well, I can't - you know." Because for me, I find it's never normally just one trigger that will make me have a seizure, it's a kind of combination of things. So if I'm over-tired and over-worked, then I drink too much, then I might have a seizure. Or if I haven't get enough sleep, and then I go and do - you know - a really long working day, that would be a problem. So it's about always trying to balance, and sort of stay one step ahead of the condition, really. And take as many precautions as possible. Yeah. So I mean, you just - you think about it all the time, I think, in a way that people never normally understand.