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Disability Narratives

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Audio clip: Maeve explains some of the side-effects of her epilepsy medication.

Yeah. It's mainly fatigue. So I get very, very tired. So by the end of the week I can't really do very much. So on Sundays I just basically don't do anything [laugh].

But it can be difficult if my workload's really bad during the week. I can struggle with like getting out of bed some days. And I think that sounds to people like I'm just being lazy [laugh]. Or you know, adolescent about it or something, but it's not that. It's really, it's a very strange sensation. It's kind of difficult to describe to people. It's like a kind of leaden sensation in your whole body. And it can feel very difficult to do things. And I can get a fuzzy head, as well. Which is quite a common side effect of my medication. Especially if you're doing long work days. You get this sensation in your head and it makes it very difficult to concentrate.