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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: The University has provided Lyn with software and a laptop, but she also purchases her own materials.

Portrait of Lyn© Disability NarrativesSo yes, the university has provided stuff. And yeah, I don't - I often purchase bits of software for myself that I think will be useful. I always try and find open source if I can, of course. Having an iPad, that's - that's my kind of lifeline. And earlier I said I had separation anxiety. Because it's the thing I look to, to see what I'm doing next. So that's something that I've purchased to make my life work. It's just a small example. It's not the same as being deprived of income, or being income-limited. Nor do I have to purchase huge bits of kit, or implements or tools to help me do my job. Except in so far as software and technology focused things, and - I buy my own stationery because I find it easy to - I have rubbable notebooks, which the university doesn't provide, I don't think they know about them. So I'm always doing things that work for me, that are particular to me. So I have a lot of my own adaptations.