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Disability Narratives

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Intervew excerpt: Mary explains how extra funding from her department helped her continue working.

Image representing Mary© Disability NarrativesThe faculty have been very good in terms of giving me a little bit extra on my research grant. We don't get loads, we get a few hundred a year. But, so this year for example I said "Well, I'd like to try going on research trips again. But it's going to take me loads longer, because I'm going to have to take so many breaks." So they gave me an extra grant, amount to the grant, so that I could take longer. I did a research trip to [location]. So instead of doing it in a week, I was up there for three or four weeks, so I could take it really slowly. And again, it's - in terms of the university finances, it's quite a small amount of money really, just so I could stay in an apartment for a couple of weeks, but it made a huge difference in terms of what I could achieve.