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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Despite having made some changes to her previous role, Charlotte found that she needed to take more significant steps to help manage her IBS and C-PTSD.

Image representing Charlotte© Disability Narratives

[The change to my role] wasn't helping. So I needed a back-up plan. So I had been scouting around, looking at other jobs within the university that I thought I might be able to handle. So that's when I saw this job with [department]. I interviewed for it and then I was offered it. So that was great. And I felt very, very lucky to have landed on my feet really, with that job. So I think it was over a couple of months, I managed to phase myself back in to doing full time work. And it was an admin job, grade four. So I'd dropped, you know, three grades. So, but it also creates a dilemma which I think mentioned at the very beginning, which is what I do now in terms of a career. Because there really is no trajectory, based on what I'm doing now. And I'm quite realistic about that.