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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Jo wonders if declaring her disability has meant she has not been invited to interviews.

I don't think so much the sort of - when I was searching for this role, but I know that when I first graduated and I was looking, and I'd declare it, sort of "Oh, I can be available for interview at x times, please note I will require wheelchair access." It was - there were a certain amount of jobs that never got back to me. And part of me always wondered was it because I put the W word in the cover letter? I don't think I ever tried not declaring it, because it was something I needed people to know about for interview. So, and it's not something I ever got too het up about, but it was always sort of - "I wonder if that's why someone decided to sort of put my application in the bin?" But I think it's sensible to declare it if you need something like wheelchair access, because if they don't have wheelchair access you're a bit stumped [laughing].