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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Kevin sought to choose a career path so that his disability did not hold him back.

Yeah. I've tried management - I've tried management in the past, and failed horribly, despite having an MBA. It doesn't make you a manager. And I understand about management and how it works, and why it doesn't work, but actually doing it is a different job. So I'm not interested in becoming a manager. Progression for me would be in terms of getting more technical skills, and moving in that area. And it's also if you are disabled, I think it's quite useful to choose your career path in such a way that your disability won't hold you back. So I know I can study for long periods, pick up new skills, try those out in the real world, get better at them, become - you know - the SQL demon that people want. It's just a case of career progression there. If I choose the right path, my disability won't hold me back. Knowing that I'm not very - I'm not suited to be a manager, that closes off an area that's not necessary a disability as such, that's just a personal competence issue. So again, I haven't got any concerns with Oxford University at all, they've offered me quite a few learning opportunities, I've been on quite a few courses and so on. So yeah. They're very good here.