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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Liz worries that having a long period off work might affect her research.

Yeah. I was on maternity leave before, as well. So I was on maternity leave for a year, just under a year. I came back to work for two months. And then I got ill. So I feel like I've been out of work for two years now. And that's shocking. I mean, when I was on maternity leave I kept up with literature, and was still supervising graduate students to some extent, and was writing - you know - writing publications. But this last year I've, I dropped out of the subject entirely. I have not kept up with bibliography, I have not kept up really with what's going on in the subject at all. So, I'm starting to really feel that now. You know, especially once I'm back teaching, and students are asking me about - you know - "Ooh, this is an interesting topic, is anyone working on this?" And I'm like "Well, two years ago there wasn't, but a lot could have changed." And so I really - I really feel that. And I'm, I'm not sure yet of the impact of that on my research. It's impacting my teaching. But the, the research is what I'm worried about, is that - you know - two years is a long time to be - Well, I wasn't research inactive, but I was less active and then inactive. So I don't know yet. And I'm, I’m worried about that.