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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Roberta reflects on how the working environment and the effects it has had on her health have not been worth the move.

Image representing Roberta© Disability Narratives

We had a big survey came round a while ago, and it was “how are you finding it? Dah, dah, dah”. And “would you recommend coming to Oxford?” And I put “no”. You know? It's not worth it. It's high cost of living, low quality of life, and they don't look after their staff [laugh]. [...] This is a terrible working environment [laughs]. They need to hear it. It's, it’s not good. Everyone complains and there's no air flow. People are getting really bad headaches. They've crammed in extra, two extra rows, so there's more heat because there's more computers, more people. So the thought of extending contracts to keep working in that room? Ugh. I wouldn't want to.

[And] I don't know where I'd head back to. But my next job, I would look very carefully at what the working environment actually was. And it's very disjointed here, you know, we're sort of all thrown out here, and then there's the offices at the end that actually have the nice air flow, and conditioning, and. So it's a very us and them set up here. And then I suppose space wise it's the easiest way to get a lot of people in a room. But productivity-wise it's, it's not good. But it would definitely impact any decisions about staying on. Yeah.