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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Stella reflects that mental health problems can combine with general worries when it comes to career progression.

Image representing Stella© Disability Narratives

My career progression? Mmm. Yeah. How I would say it affects me is - So it's like the negative thinking. And again, it's that sort of imposter syndrome, you know, isn't exclusive preserve of people with mental health problems. A lot of people, a lot of postdocs, have it. But sometimes yeah, it kind of - I think when your mood is already low, that can - you know - there's a voice in your head that beats you down and says “you're not good enough, you don't deserve to be here”. You know, “you're stupid”. You know? All these, all these sorts of things. And I guess maybe that. So I think career progression to me suggests applying for jobs. And I don't think that has held me back. Because if I've thought I can do something, I'll apply for it. And I'm trying to think, were there jobs that I thought “no I can't do that?” Possibly yes. But I'm not sure that that's mental health that's stopped me doing that.