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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Susannah reflects on whether going part-time will have implications on her career.

To be honest, the much bigger kind of practical implication for me has been in terms of kind of career development. In the sense that you're not - obviously you're not at work as much, you're not doing as much. So you, you know, you're not publishing as much. And you kind of have to accept that your career isn't going to develop as quickly. And you have to kind of consider how that's going to affect your, your career development longer term. Because you know, if you're not doing as much research, you're not publishing as, as often, it's - you know - publications aren't going to stack up as fast. And I've, you know, I've accept that I think that is still the right thing for me, because - you know - I think I'd rather, you know, have a slower career trajectory but be healthier. Then, you know, go faster and burn out.

But it, you know, it is something that you know, I have noticed - particularly since going part time, is you know, there's less time to write papers. And there's, there's less time to - you know - to try and fit in the extra, you know, that extra little bit of - you know - the extra little bit of grant writing, that extra little bit of, you know - that extra little project on the side. You know you, you're only doing eighty percent instead of a hundred percent. And there's less time to squash into the edges, as it were.