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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Jo explains that making adjustments for disabled access to old buildings has to take into account conservation and listed building laws.

Portrait of Jo© Disability Narratives[I have had a] varied experience [of getting adjustments]. So it's got the beautiful gardens, it's got the old building. And yeah, it's just a bit more negotiation and sort of working out sort of how to get to things than if you're in a nice new building where it's a bit more straightforward.

So [it] was a bit slow. Again, in terms of listed buildings, which - again, it's difficult, because you are sort of bound by a different law there. It's finding a way to make it so that it is accessible to you. But I know that there's not only a disability law there, but there's also conservation laws and things like that, that come into that. So it's again, it's a difficult one. But reasonable adjustment is something that everyone should be open to, and be accepting, or that they have to do that.

Luckily when new things have been built, everything has to be - have access in mind.