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Disability Narratives

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Audio clip: Kevin describes how some simple planning ahead and being prepared help him get through the day.

I think I was saying earlier about letting people know that I'm not so good with stairs. I can manage them, but they're not perfect. Apart from the stairs, the building I'm in is, is pretty decent – everywhere, most of the places I need to go to are on the ground floor or accessible by lift. People around me are excellent, they offer to carry - I've had meetings in this building - have offered to carry books for me. So, little things like that actually are quite a big help. And it's equipping yourself as well. I have a backpack. If I need to take my computer to a meeting, that can come with me, hold everything. So it's finding the right tools to equip yourself. And they don't need to be anything whizzy. Simple stuff like a backpack, or large pockets, is good enough.