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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Liz urges caution about telling people how much the adjustments cost, as it can (intentionally or not) make people feel guilty about the changes that are made.

Portrait of Liz© Disability NarrativesBut I actually think it's deeply unhelpful of people to tell you how much things are costing. So, and maybe it's useful for some people to know this, but I'm the sort of person that feels guilty around that. So, knowing how much - being told how much the door things would cost. You know, the changes to the doors. How much the, you know - all that sort of thing, how much the computer cost, how much the voice-activated software cost. Being told that is not helpful. Because that's money that has to be spent. People need to spend it. So it's not useful or helpful to know that. That perhaps could, would be a useful bit of information, for people not to necessarily tell the person that they're adapting things for how much the adaptations are costing. Don't know why it was felt that I needed to know that.