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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Liz explains that when she returned to work she had particular requirements for an accessible bathroom.

And so I wanted to use a specific bathroom, that complicated things further in terms of the doors. And they were totally understanding around that. And, you know, although there were bathrooms that in theory I should have been using because they were easier, because I didn't want to use those bathrooms and I had a preference, they totally respected that. So, that was really nice. And I remember - you know - it's so funny, these things really mattered. Like the bathroom really matters in a building [laughing]. And I have a new appreciation for bathrooms now. And it was - I just remember this huge sense of relief when I realised they were taking me seriously around that, and there was no question - that if I had a preference, then it was going to be supported. So that was really cool.