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Disability Narratives

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Audio clip: Paul explains how his dyslexia posed some challenges when he worked in an open plan office and how found ways to mitigate distractions.

Yes. Less so in my current role. Partly because of - well, my desk is in a corner. And partly because it's a role that only sometimes requires me to con, - I don't - or to do anything - to concentrate for long periods of time. Also partly because it's a role where I can listen to music and block everything out. Previously, it has caused me problems with distraction. People walking behind me, that kind of thing has been a real issue in the past. But in my current role, it's a very different role. So it's not so much of an issue now. I don't like it, being in the office with stuff going on, but yeah. Because of the work I do now, I can often - I'm not concentrating for long periods of time, and if I get distracted, that's fine. And if I go off and do something else - And also, those times when I do have complicated long-winded con, stuff that requires concentration, I can work from home. So I guess that's another bit of support I've had, the fact that I can work from home. But I kind of - I forget about it because it's, it's also part of the job that I have, the nature of it, and lots of people do work from home from time to time.