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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Susannah describes how she has to plan ahead for events to ensure she avoids a migraine.

The other - the other trigger for me is - which is relevant for work, is prolonged - prolonged time with no access to natural light, or natural ventilation. Which I do have to be quite careful of, at work. So in the building that I work in, that's actually fine because it's very light, it's a very airy building.

So they have this like underground seminar room. Which is - it's a lovely seminar room [laugh] but it's, it's kind of like migraine central for me. I can survive about ninety minutes maximum in there. And I've got to the point that if I go there for a meeting or a seminar, I will go up to the speaker in advance and say "Just so you know, don't be offended if I walk out in the middle of your talk." Because I know what my limit is, and I now know - like I can feel, I can feel that kind of pre, pre migraine. And if, if I'm in there too long I'll start getting that. And I'll just have to stand up and walk out, go outside. Kind of take a little trip round the building, and just - almost like clear your head. And then I can go back in. But I have kind of got to a point where I will, if I - you know, if I'm going to a course or if I'm going to a seminar or something in the university, I will say - you know - "Can you let me know where it's being held, in advance?" So that I can plan, you know, how long is it? Am I going to need to - you know - kind of go off in advance, or sit at the back so that I can sneak out without being rude [laugh].