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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: While disability rights are important for John, he hoped potential employers will focus on what he can do.

Image representing John© Disability Narratives

I was just open and up front, and just related it how I would want - you know. How - Just being very open and honest, and straight forward. This is how it is, and - you know. And obviously I didn't refer to Equalities Act or anything, but - I mean, I do know that the condition is covered under the Equalities Act, and so therefore - For example, at the interview itself, they made no mention of any of what - you know - I put in an accompanying letter in my application, and described my condition. They made no mention of that, and I think that was probably part of the - What the Equality Act stipulates is that these kind of - you know - interviews and so forth, shouldn't - you know - These kind of things shouldn't come up. But as it, to be honest. To me, that wouldn't really matter. In as long as that I would know that the people there would make a kind of good choice based on what I can do. You know, in terms of that position. Rather than necessarily. So for me, to be honest, I'm happy to be very open, very honest about it. Just very upfront. And - you know. I think that's the best way to go. But I realise for other people with other conditions, they, they may or may not want to do that. But certainly for me, I think it's - you know - As much as I can explain, the more understanding in the world the better, so. Yeah..