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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Kevin explains that legislation is only one part of normalising disabled people in the workplace.

Image representing Kevin© Disability NarrativesAnd I think a lot of it is sort of two-part process, that legislation has to move, and I think society has to move, and that may help legislation move again, and society can move.

[But things are] Improving. If I'm going to put it one word.

I also think [there is] a lot of work to do in society, to make sure that disabled people having a job is seen as normal. That people aren't, 'oh, he only got the job because he's got one arm', sort of syndrome. That has to be knocked on the head.

I think that there is still opposition out there. I just think you need to get as many people with disabilities as possible into work, doing a decent job, and that people on the street see that, you know, if you've got a disabled person, best place for them is work. Or training, and education, that sort of thing.