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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Lyn explains that she has come to learn what making a reasonable adjustment means, but has not had to rely on legislation.

Okay. So I think I've learned some terms that I didn't know before. I think that as a good manager, leader, whatever, you should be noticing what your people are good and not so good at, and helping them to develop. So I think I've intrinsically tried to do that for people, and to encourage them to do that for me. Learning about what reasonable adjustments mean makes sense of that, so. And I have become more aware of the legal aspects of, of disability. But I think I'd already had an interest in it anyway, in a, in a diversity and equality context more generally. So I've never been interested particularly in applying the letter of the law, except in so far as making sure that people have what they're entitled to, and more. So I haven't had to kind of fight for my rights in this environment. Yeah. So, yes and no. Learning about the legislation, sort of. But it's not like something I feel particularly empowered or disempowered by, it's just a framework that I've become aware of.