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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: IT support does not always know what equipment is available so Jo needed to provide information.

Although I have had - when I first came to get a work mobile phone, I did kind of have to source it myself, because the IT department were not really any the wiser about something that required a T loop enablement. And I had this with my main landline phone as well. I should have mentioned, I've - both my phones are adapted so I can use them with my hearing aids. But both times, I had to sort of hold IT's hand and go "Okay, so we go to this particular website, which is the Connevans website, which sells everything that is sort of hearing aid friendly. And I said, "So you pick a phone from this selection here." But I - it wasn't something I could just to go IT and say "Can you get me a phone that uses a T loop?", because they didn't know what a T loop was [laughing].