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Disability Narratives

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Interview excerpt: Jo Z explains how the departmental health and safety officer helped find her a suitable chair as part of her DSE assessment and that she sees this is an important investment in staff.

Image representing Jo Z© Disability Narratives

Well I think we have a health and safety officer who does the DSE assessments, and a very good office manager. And I think they worked really well together, and with me, to try and find the right chair. And I lost count of how many we went through, to try and find the right one. And they were both very concerned to make sure that I was comfortable.

And every so often if I'm sort of shuffling round and I'm a bit creaky, you know, they'll both say to me "Are you okay?” You know. “Do you need anything else?" So it's not “right, well we've got you a chair, we'll forget about you now”. It's a sort of constant monitoring and just checking in to see how things are. So that, I really appreciate. And that's very good practice. Because if you've got a long term health condition it can flare up, it can change. So you don't want to be sorted out and then just left to your own devices, because things might develop. Or they might get better. [It is important that there is a] willingness to change. And to do things which might be difficult, might be costly.

I think that's probably a big issue, because I when I had the, I have the chairs that we bought in the division, you know they're, they’re not cheap. But it should be seen as you're investing in your staff, because if your staff aren't comfortable then they're not going to do the job as well as they could.