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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: Liz describes how her research world will become increasingly digital, starting with voice activated software.

It began with me wanting to start computer. Computer access. It started with that. So, quite early on, I think - January or something - I was already saying I wanted to be able to use a computer, and start emailing again, and start getting back in touch with people, and reconnecting. And so the first step was to set me up with a computer I could use, and voice activated software. University - my faculty did that really quickly. So I think within weeks of me saying this is what I think I need, and finding out a bit about software and getting advice from the university around that - within a few weeks I had a computer that I was able to use, and I had voice activated software. So I started using that. So that was a kind of first stage. There's still a lot to sort out with the computer side, I think. We've got a basic system that is working, but I think in the longer term I'm going to need more digital. My research world is going to become digital, I think. And so I'm going to need more hardware and software resources around that. So we're just starting to explore that.