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Disability Narratives

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Video clip: The adjustments made to Maria’s computer and display set-up made her feel “normal” and meant she could continue working, despite losing her much of her sight.

But when he changed it, even if he didn't change the font - I just said to him "I cannot believe you. I just cannot believe you. That's normal." "And what do you mean 'normal'?" He said. And I said "That's what I used to see, but the other way round. Many years ago. And I felt comfortable about it. So you are making me feel normal, not with a disability. My disability at the moment doesn't exist, as long as I'm using this computer. Because if I got another computer that's a no, no, no [laughing], I cannot see anything instead with the new programme it is perfect”. I am still so grateful to him. And to the people who did this programme, Dolphin, because they are doing an amazing job. I can see anything, I can read anything, I can do anything. I know that it's not perfect, but nothing is perfect in this world. Because there are little bits that disappear. But as long as I hover, I know that there is something there, and I click and it appears. That's nothing, comparing with the fact that I can read anything and everything. So from that day, I told all my bosses, "If you need anything, just email me, or send it to me as a Word document, whatever."